How it works

100-WWC-introWe meet for one hour, four times a year, and each member brings a check for $100.

On each of four nights during the year, these 100 Plus Women Who Care give a $100 check to a local non-profit right here in the Mat-Su community; this can total up to $10,000 plus. It’s fast, simple, fun and amazingly effective. We invite you to attend as a guest to see how it works and decide if the group is right for you.

    • Every member can nominate a local charitable organization that has an IRS 501c3 status by completing the Nomination Form on this site and forwarding it via email: at least two (2) days prior to the next meeting.
    • Three names are drawn at random at each meeting
    • The nominating member makes a 5-minute presentation and then answer questions about the nominated charity. This entire presentation and question period will take no more than 8 minutes.
    • This presentation must be made by the member who nominated the charity, this member may or may not be affiliated with the non-profit that they nominated.
    • All members present at the meeting then vote by secret ballot for the charity they wish to support.
    • The votes are tallied and the charity that receives the most votes is announced.
    • Each member present writes a $100 check to the top charity.
    • For members unable to attend, please give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf, or checks can be mailed to the below address after the meeting: 100 Plus Women Who Care Mat-Su Chapter C/O PEDA P.O. Box 2865 Palmer, AK 99645
    •  The collective donation of checks are given to the happy charity.
    • The recipient will provide tax receipts for the individual check donations to each member.
    • The organization that receives the donation agrees to have a representative from their organization at the next meeting to give a 5-minute update on how the money was used to benefit the Mat-Su community. This presentation will take place while votes are being tallied.
    • The organization that receives the donation will not be eligible for nomination for one (1) year after their award.

A few simple rules:

      • By ballot, the group will vote, a simple majority wins. Even if you don’t care for the choice, you must still donate. All checks go to one charity
      • At this time, all nominated charities must be a 501c3 organization
      • No national charities will be considered, however, local branches of national charities are eligible for consideration if 100% of the money donated will be spent in the Mat-Su community.
      • Please, no individual houses of worship or political nominations
      • Only three charities will be presented at each meeting
      • The selected organization must agree NOT to use member names for future solicitations, nor will they give, or sell the member’s contact information to another organization or to the public
      • Charities who receive a contribution from 100 Plus Women Who Care Mat-Su Chapter are not eligible for re-nomination for one year after their award