100pluswwcmatsuheadertopWe will add a list of Charities that have a Nomination Forms on file. Each member attending the meeting can put a name from this list in the hat before the meeting. Three of these names will be drawn and we will hear a five-minute presentation from a 100 Plus Women Who Care member about each one.

How to nominate a group for consideration:

  1. Complete a Nomination Form and return it via email at least two days before the next meeting. If the group’s name is already listed below, you don’t need to do anything.
  2. We will create a slip of paper for each charity on the list below and we will have the slips on a table before the meeting.
  3. When you check in, you will have a chance to put the name of the charity you would like to speak about in the hat. You must be a 100 Plus Women Who Care member, attending the meeting, to put a name in the hat and speak about the charity.

Following is the list of causes that are eligible for consideration: 

[TBA: Mat-Su Chapter’s list of charities]